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The Guestbook is Back!

Our Guestbook Is Back

Apologies that it’s been missing for so long,
come and read what everyone’s been saying about us,

Somita Clinic

Somita is a village of around five thousand inhabitants situated in the Foni Bereft District, West Coast Region.  The community has a clinic largely funded by themselves which not only serves the whole community but also the surrounding villages and hamlets. The clinic, therefore, is serving at least 10,000 people. 

Newsletter July 2015

We have had a successful season once again even though visitor numbers to The Gambia and subsequently our projects because of the Ebola threat in West Africa.  This is a very sad state of affairs for the country especially as no Ebola has been found in The Gambia at all.  Hopefully confidence in the country […]

Bantangba Nursery School, Somita Vill...

For many years we dreamt of building and running our own Nursery School in Somita Village as this is the home village of my husband and his family and although there was one other nursery school in the village there was not enough capacity for all the children that wanted to attend.  Somita has over […]

Guest blog from Mick Calveley from hi...

A family visit to Gambia March 2015 As we have said before returning to the Gambia never loses its excitement, but this time was special, our Daughter Megan and boyfriend Chris had decided to come along and see for themselves just what kept attracting us back to the Gambia and why we do what we […]

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